Visuals Created for Berlin Atonal

In 2013, Simon collaborated with Jolene Borrelli. Together, they created nine-hours worth of visuals for Contort’s night at Berlin Atonal in Tresor: the world-famous alternative club and music label.

Simon played the visuals live on the night, using the VJ software Resolume to alter and layer the experimental footage. That feed played on a stadium sized screen.

The video shown above contains a small selection of those visuals. The music is taken from a separate collaboration between Simon and The Ambassador of Trouts.

Body Rhythm: Version Three

Body Rhythm: Version Three, 2011, [nine security camera screens, concrete bricks].

Body Rhythm: Version Three was one of five video installations created for The Burt Brill and Cardens Graduate Show 2011. The footage is taken from Ward's performance in Squanderground: a temporary exhibition in the disused Taj building.

The video installation featured as part Thee Divine Process: a week of performances, installations and talks on the connection between art and Western esotericism. This series of events and artworks—organised exclusively by Ward—constituted as his final portfolio piece for his BA in Critical Fine Art Practice.

The Swan

The Swan, 2008, [glass, resin, fairy lights and a wooden light box]

The Swan is book held within an antique light box. The pages are hand-etched glass, held by a resin body cast out of clay and carved driftwood. It contains one short, illustrated story, which narrates the death of a swan.

The sculpture featured in two exhibitions, both organised by Brighton University students between 2011 and 2013.

The Golden Note

The Golden Note, 2009, [resin, rabbit sculls, filed and re-soldered music boxes, custom built wooden box with brass clasps and hinges].

Simon collected music boxes and filed their nodes. Then he soldered on new notes, based on a musical score inspired by the fibonacci sequence. Each machine played one-tenth of that score.

He housed the custom music boxes in a handmade wooden chest with a resin and bone lid. Gallery visitors were invited to play the kinetic sculpture, which was placed on a plynth with an access point.

During 2009, The Golden Note was exhibited in Grand Parade Gallery and Occulture Festival.