Simon Ward is a Liverpool based creative working with visual art, literature and sound. He holds a BA (First-Class) in Critical Fine Art Practice from University of Brighton, and a Masters with Distinction in Writing from John Moores University.

As part of his practice, Simon delivers community events and workshops for local charities and arts organisations, largely on portraiture, digital art and creative writing. This includes work for Apple, Writing on the Wall and Sefton CVS.

His interdisciplinary visual art has been exhibited in galleries and events across England, Germany and France, including Berlin Atonal and The Big Draw. His early work mostly dealt with video, sound and performance art; however, post-2016, his practice turned towards painting and digital art.

Simon began writing literature whilst living in Berlin, publishing his first short stories in Offline Samizdat. He was a winner of the 2015 Berlin Writing Prize, and was later published by SAND and 404 Ink. LeCouveNt awarded him a full scholarship for a month-long residency in Auzits, and, after returning to Liverpool, he covered the arts in North West England for Corridor8.

The themes of Simon’s visual art and literature are differentiated; however, they share an affection for the outsider and a wry humour. He has published social commentaries on addiction and isolation, under the guise of fairy tales, and created large-scale acrylic paintings inspired by the techniques and motifs of German Expressionism. He views art as a means for social change and mindfulness and, through his community work, seeks to engage people who may feel alienated from writing or art.

Simon also sings and composes music for his eight-piece band, writing ballads about murder, loss and decline. Click here to see their upcoming shows and latest releases.